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Someone finally speaks up for all of us but with> such> class and style. Thanks to Henry Gonzalez.> We know all about this fly called Abimael Garcia who claims to be a Illuminati ex-satanist> has been giving a Henry Gonzalez a hard time with his lies>But the xtian fly he has made things so much easier for> us> as he is a habitual lier and that has been proven> over> and over again!> Oh Well, we move on to bigger and better things.> Hail Satan> Hail Thyself> High Priest> Magus zander> Being that I am from Egypt I know much about these> > folks as well.I find your behavior Mr Garcia a bit childish> > and> > repulsive also.> > Yes, we have allowed you to stick around so that> you> > would show your true colors as a christian.You> have> > not only made it so much easier for us to reach> > those> > who might find it hard to understand Satanism but> > many> > of your own christian fellowship friends have> > crossed> > over because they could not believe that real> > christians act like this. and to find out that> your> > a> > lier and you don't even know or meet Lavey or> High Priest Sippidus> > Mr Garcia by the way i am in the middle east and in> > Israel> > , anyway, I love it when you as christians> prove> > to be false and not real because once again it> > proves> > that god is a lie and satan is real. I get between> > three to five hundred e-mails a day asking me> about> > Satanism and the Black Arts and I am an eye on the> > net> > for several satanic organizations and it amazeses> me> > just how stupid some of you as christians are EVEN> > NO PASTOR OR REAL XTIAN WOULDN'T TAKE SATAN ON WITHOUT A> PLAN> > AND A BACK UP YOU STUPID FOOL, YOU JUST DON'T WIN> > THAT> > WAY!I HAVE READ ALL YOUR E-MAILS YOUR FAKE BLOGSPOTS AND I WILL TELL> YOU> > WHY NO ONE CARES AND WHY YOU DON'T HAVE CURSES ON> > YOU,> > IT IS BECAUSE SATAN DOES NOT CARE YOUR DOING A> GREAT> > JOB MAKING A FOOL OUT OF THE god YOU SERVE AND IF> > YOU> > THINK PEOPLE ARE DUMB ENOUGH TO BELIEVE YOU AFTER> > ALL> > THE LIES AND DIFFERENT E-MAIL ADD Y'S YOU HAVE> USED> > AND DIFFERENT NAMES FACEBOOKS AND BLOGSPOTS, YOU SEE, YOUR NOT A HIDDEN> > FORCE> > AS WE ARE, WE FOUND EVERY ISP AND EVERY EMAIL> > ADDRESS> > YOU HAVE USED EVEN YOUR SO CALLED EUROPE ONE. YOU> > TAKE> > US FOR FOOLS WE ARE NOT FOOLS AND WE ARE NOT TO BE> > TOYED WITH AS YOU HAVE FOUND OUT. BUT, AGAIN WE> > THANK> > YOU FOR YOUR WORDS OF TRASH ABOUT YOUR jesus AND> > YOUR> > so called god,BECAUSE IN THE LONG RUN YOU HAVE> > HELPED> > US NOT HURT US AS YOU HAVE HURT YOUR OWN WALK WITH> > THE> > CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY FOR EVEN SATANIST CAN EXPOSE> > FALSE> > PREACHERS LIKE YOU MR ABIMAEL GARCIA AND CHRISTIANS DEMONS CAN'T LIE TO> DEMONS> > MY> > FRIEND AND YOU HAVE A FEW BELIEVE ME. AND, NOTHING> > THRILLS THE MASTER MORE THAN TO HAVE A FOOL LIKE> YOU> > HURT THE MINISTRY AND YOU HAVE DONE SOME DAMAGE> EVEN> > TO TRUE CHRISTIANS AND GOOD HONEST' MINISTRY FOR THAT WE> APPLAUD> > YOU, AS FOR THE REST, YOUR A PESKY FLY THAT JUST> GOT> > CAUGHT IN YOUR OWN FLY TRAP AND NO ONE HERE WILL> > EVER> > LISTEN TO YOU AGAIN, A MATTER OF FACT YOU JUST GOT> > SWATTED BY THE SATANIC FLY SWATTER! ha!> > HAIL SATAN!> > HAIL THYSELF!> > HIGH PRIEST> > MAGUS zander> > ILLUMINATI COUNCIL> > EGYPTIAN SATANIC COUNCIL> > ISRAEL SATANIC COUNCIL> > --- Zander Blood

So Mr Abimael Garcia Soto > > > you dont know nothing about us and never did> > YOUl> > > have no contacts in the Satanic Council > > > Stop> > throwing> > > your name as a former satanist around here for you do not impress us> > > with> > > this we find your words and comments jokes and> > > repulsive behavior, Do you honestly think this> > means> > > shit to us,what do we care about you talking> with> > > these has beens that no longer carry any kind of> > > threat to us if anything we are a threat to them> > > because for every christian they try to trick> > about> > > Satanism we change their minds and most become> > > Satanist what a twist wouldn't you say?.> > > Hail Satan> >Ave Satanas,>Thanks Henry Gonzalez for telling us about you,I am so greatful> I am a SATANIST! I realize I was chosen by the>master but, I do so choose to serve him as well to the>fullest of my abilities.There are many different walks>of life and many different beliefs yes, I realize I>have been raised a Satanist I was born into Satanism>and it was born into me but, that just isn't enough,>you see Abimael, one has to come to a full awareness of who>they are in Satan and who Satan is within themselves>to even possibly grow.>So many people come to Satanism because they want>POWER, they want MONEY,they want CONTROL, simply is>not enough and this is not what Satanism is all about.>We just don't jump in there and say,"I AM A SATANIST"like you do to get famous>Anyone can call themselves a>.>To say your a Satanist know what your saying before>saying so, This is no game, and as so many has said in>warning, this is not a quick>fix situation,You don't become most powerful over>night, it takes time and years and practice to become>a TRUE Satanic Witch or Warlock, so many come to us>asking for curses and spells to kill someone, or to>teach the the old ways so that they might learn to do>these kind of deeds themselves, not an easy task to>say the least.Being a satanist and illuminati is a very in depth walk as>you are truly in the Masters hand as His priest, so>many say they are Satanst Yet they don't>even know what that truly is. It Can Mean Life and>Death if you are A Satanist and you claim something>that is not true think people before you say your what>you are and make sure you are what you say you are, no>games, no trying to impress people with big words or>magical statements unless your the real thing because>being a Satanist is not just Words or a Pass time,and>sure isn't a way to impress people, Be real with>yourself, then you'll start being real with others and>by all means be real with Satan because he knows if>you are or not and playing the game and not living the>life could very well cost you , if your a>christian and your playing a>Satanist and you know who you are I warn you now it is>not a safe place to be to play a Satanist because the>demons know a fraud and so do we, second, if your a>Satanist caught on the fence and you can't make up>your mind what way you want to walk your making a>grave mistake because Satan does not play games with>folks like you! Abimael>BE WHAT YOU ARE, DON'T PLAY THE GAMES WE GROW TIRED OF>THEM,I AM PROUD TO SERVE THE MASTER >SATAN,AS A SATANIC priest, A SATANIC HIGH PRIESTESS,>AS A SATANIC DOCTOR,AS A SATANIC LOVER, AS A SATANIC>WITCH,I AM ALL OF THESE AND QUITE GLAD TO BE SO, I>THANK MY PARENTS FOR TEACHING IN THE WAYS OF THE>ANCIENTS AND I AM PROUD TO BE A PART OF THE OLDEST>ORGANIZATION IN SATANISM, BUT, I AM WHO AND WHAT I AM>AND I SHALL ALWAYS BE UNTIL MY TIME COMES TO MOVE TO>DEEPER AND HIGHER PATHS.>HAIL SATAN>HAIL THYSELF>HIGH PRIESTESS>Magus and LAST WORD HENRY GONZALEZ>>>IS PROTECTED ANYONE TOUCH HIM OR TALKS ABOUT HIM WILL FIND HELL


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